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Corona Treater
Corona treater uses the corona plasma discharge for modifying the surface properties that will increase the quality of printing, coating and also the laminating strength. It is used in various industries.
Surface Treater
A surface treater is used for surface modification and improves the adhesion of inks, paints etc. It uses the plasma discharge technology and changes the hydrophilic properties of the surface.
Plasma Treater
The Plasma Treater we deal in is a multipurpose appliance used in various fields. It is used in medical sector for the cleaning of glasses. This is used in pharmaceutical for boosting the adhesion of coatings.
Enercon Flame Treater
Enercon Flame Treater has a unique flame treater design. It features high velocity and has an advanced burner technology. On account of its technology, it allows for optimized surface treatment effectiveness.
Surface Treatment Equipments

Surface treatment equipments are used for treating the surface using various technologies that will help in improved quality of printing, laminating etc. Plus, it changes the surface properties and makes it to bond better with the inks and paints.

Ozone Generator
The Dyne Test Pens are functional as theeasy, cost effective and speedy methods to measure the surface energy and surface wetting. These are proffered with the simple method of ascertaining the surface energy of several polymer based materials.

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